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This community would not exist without all of you! Thank you for being here, for helping elevate the work of queer and all marginalized farmers by engaging in whatever ways you do. 


Heartfelt love and thanks to the seeds that feed us and that we rely upon as growers of food and carers of land, many of which came to us directly from the indigenous peoples and cultures who stewarded the land we occupy as inhabitants of Turtle Island. May we always remember the original folks who tended these seeds and lands that feed us whenever we take a bite. And may that food fuel our shared work to decolonize our foods and lands, get land back into the hands of indigenous people everywhere, and build our movements in ways that center the contributions and wisdom of the people who have been here for millennia, and are still here despite the ongoing impacts of colonization.


We also want to offer some extra special thanks to some of the folks who weave this network together and have given gobs of their time and energy to help it exist.


Firstly, forever thanks to Hannah, Emily, and the whole crew at Humble Hands Harvest, who co-founded the network, and have generously and joyfully hosted 4 years of QFC's on their lovingly tended land.


Thanks especially to Hannah, for creatively forming this community farm space that has held us all, for fervently pushing the gay farming agenda through public speaking gigs, media, and in places like the MOSES conference, and for being so stubbornly against flirting that her friend Anni had to create the QFN instagram account, this website, and conceive the first QFC as a giant dating ruse (which, by the way, has worked for many other people!).


Thanks to Jac Wypler, who was instrumental in the conception of the first QFC and continues to be a significant co-conspirator and contributor to queer farmers everywhere and the QFN through their amazing work, which you can read more about here.


Thanks to Anni Zylstra, for their gifts of time and imagination that have birthed connection portals, including this website conceptually and physically. Their efforts have contributed to helping get all us queer folks to see each other out here and engage with one another.


Big shout out to Rock Steady Farm in NY for being a major inspiration and powerhouse community builder among queer farmers in and outside of this network.


Thanks to Blazing Star Eats, the queer-owned local food magic that feeds our many hungry bellies such beautiful and nourishing food at the QFCs.

Thanks to the many amazing sponsors that have made our work possible so far, helping fund and feed the QFC, this website, travel stipends for BIPOC farmers to attend our events, and more! We love you!

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Land Stewardship Project

Sustainable Iowa Land Trust

Sterling College

Seward Co-op

Eastside Co-op

Renewing the Country


Young Farmers Coalition

Brown and White Cow
Tomato 2

And finally, we want to send our thanks to the queer elders and ancestors who have fought and still fight for all of us to be able to safely gather together in this way. They have contributed to our resilience to do good work in the world, and who paved the way for us to be out in the open, brazenly and quietly sharing in our joy and toils as queers on the land.

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