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Welcome to the Queer Farmer Network!

We are a dispersed network of current, lapsed, and aspiring farmers, gardeners, growers, herbalists, tenders of land, food revolutionaries, and more spread across the so-called USA.


The QFN was formed in 2018 by a group of friends & comrades in the upper midwest to build community among queer farmers and to reflect on and interrupt racist, capitalist, and heteropatriarchal legacies in Agriculture.


A grassroots collection of volunteers within the QFN host in-person gatherings, communicate via an online listserv, and share information and resources with one another via our Job Board, Directory, Field Notes, and more.


Though most of our in-person network building is based in the Midwest, we are eager to support the existence of more gatherings, movement building, and queer farmer collaborations in new regions! Get in touch if you want support in organizing your own local events.

The QFN Listserv is made up of queer farmer and adjacent community members from all over the so-called USA, and has been an open source space to share resources and exchange information since 2018. Join today to get in the loop about upcoming gatherings, community offerings, and connect directly with a widespread community of queer farmers!

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A midwest-based gathering of queers on the land happening this year September 3-5, 2022! Applications are currently closed. Reminder that we offer free registration and travel stipends for QTBIPOC to attend!

Can't come to a QFC in Iowa?  We'd love to support you in hosting your own bioregional QFC ~ get in touch with us at

Find work within our community!

Looking for work in a queer ag-related field? Visit our Job Board to browse and submit work opportunities within the QFN. 


Connect with Queer Farmers in your bioregion!

Looking for other queer farmers in your neighborhood? Check out our online directory and map of queer farms to see who's nearby and connect with new comrades! Run or own a queer farm? Submit your farm or project to be listed in the directory so queer kin can find you!


Stand in solidarity with Black and Indigenous farmers by supporting their land-based endeavors. It is essential that all farmers acknowledge the stolen land we currently occupy and how our food system was built on the stolen labor of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and people of color. The Reparations Map hosted by Soul Fire Farm and created by the Northeast Farmers of Color Network is a great tool for finding BIPOC farms and projects to directly share resources with.

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